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Essays for Art: Sports

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    Steroids in Baseball Do you think that steroids should be allowed in the MLB? There are many people who say yes and there are many people who say no. The people who agree...
  2. Homeruns Wanted. Not Congress
    Homeruns wanted, not Congress In 1998 would Mark McGwire, have reached his goal of hitting seventy homeruns, if he hadn’t been using steroids? Would Barry Bonds, hold...
  3. Motivating Students
    Motivating students Abstract. This is narrative style story about a young man who is having a considerate amount of trouble getting his students to be involved in lesson...
  4. A Surprisingly Fun Game
    Among the thousands of Native American tribes, there were a lot of games being played similar to what we now call Lacrosse before the civilization of North America. According to many, the first Europeans to see this game being played were French...
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  5. Compare and Contrast Essay
    Compare and Contrast Paper Students in high school search for the perfect college. Size of the school becomes a significant decision in narrowing the list. Luckily, the...
  6. An Overview of the Olympics
    The Olympic Games are an international sports competition. In the Olympics, athletes play in many types of games. Some athletes compete in the Summer Olympics. Some compete in the Summer Olympics. The Olympic Games are very old and have a very...
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  7. Twelfth Night Speech
    Is it possible to take an old world known Shakespearean play and transform it into an entertaining movie for a modern teenage audience? She’s The Man, the new film version...
  8. Critical Analysis
    Christopher Strickland 9/9/12 Eng 101.12 Who doesn’t like bowling? The Olympic Games, an international sports competition, are held once every four years at a...
  9. Fever Pitch
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the theme of loyalty within “Fever Pitch” and how Nick Hornby does so by use of humour, characterisation and setting.<br /> The genre of this novel is that of humour. “Fever Pitch” is a book that...
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  10. Indian Premier League Cricket
    If the Indian Premier League is all about flamboyance and showbiz, Delhi Daredevils have in their skipper Virender Sehwag everything wrapped up in one explosive package.<br /> <br /> The marauding opener apart, the squad pales in comparison with...
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  11. Jonah Lamu
    His favourite show is the Simpson’s. <br /> <br /> He\'s the most intimidating player for rugby\'s most intimidating team. He is Jonah Lomu of the mighty New Zealand All Blacks. He\'s 6\'5, 250 pounds and can run the 100 meter dash in 10.8...
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  12. Keys to Become the Best Basketball Player
    Basketball, an interesting sport made by a canadian. When the game first came out, it was made for entertainment purposes only, but soon, it became far more than that. <br /> Basketball is such a popular game because in order to be good at...
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  13. Kids Baseball, a Great American Tradition
    Kids’ baseball is a really great American tradition. Fathers can relate to their kids who play Little League because male adults remember the experience as something vital that taught them life-skills and socialization during their youth...
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  14. Racing Heroes
    Car racing has gone through many changes since its start in 1947. Race cars were not equipped with safety features such as roolbars, cages and safety belts. When accidents occurred drivers were seriouly injured or died. Through the years, steps have...
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  15. Rugby
    The thick, broad-shouldered athlete breathes heavily and grunts with each step as he and his teammates push mightily against the opposition. His arms are locked over his teammates\'Shoulders,all of their heads down. The two teams are pushing against...
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  16. Skiing
    Almost everyone around the world enjoys sports in one way or another. Sports range from basketball, a team sport, to speed skating, to skiing. Sports are usually defined by the characteristics of the activity; good sports must be made of multiple...
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  17. Comparing the Contradictions of “Tooth and Claw” and “the Tyger”
    After reading this story and poem combination, one thing that is clear is that contradictions can rule ones thoughts, especially if one does not understand them. In “Tooth...
  18. College Essay: Who Was Someone Influential in My Life?
    The bleachers were filled with the tear stained faces of our mothers and fathers who were trying to keep it together, but failing miserably. Our eighth grade basketball...
  19. The Most Popular Sport Out There - Soccer
    As many people know, hockey is a Canadian game, and baseball is an American game. However soccer is an international game played worldwide. Soccer is one of the oldest sports with the most reputation. It is played in almost every country, and is the...
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  20. The Play
    I sat down to watch LSU play against Kentucky earlier this year. LSU really needed to win the game to stay alive in the SEC title hunt and Kentucky figured to be an easy opponent. But Kentucky was at home and the players were ready. Kentucky would...
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