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Engl 135 Entire Course Advance Composition Recent Course

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ENGL 135 Entire Course Advance Composition  Recent Course

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 ENGL 135 Topic Selection Assignment Week 1

Start your letter with your introduction of a sentence or two; be sure to name the author of the article you’re responding to as well as the entire title. Then add the purpose of your letter. End the paragraph with your thesis, which has your main idea plus the points you’re going to use to prove the main idea.
Begin your first point here; it should match up with the first point from your thesis above. You may want to add a transitional phrase to help the reader along, such as first. Then spend the rest of this paragraph supporting this first point. You may blend your argument for this point with personal experience. Add a cited statement of summary…
Theme/Topic: Technology-Texting and Driving
2. Angle: Since the use of services or devices that disable in-car cellphone messaging will be helpful in restricting instances of texting and driving, it may not be the most effective way to keep people from texting and driving.
3. Purpose and Thesis: I do not agree that the use of services or devices that disable in-car cellphone messaging is the best way to keep people from texting and driving because these services are flawed, optional and may not be accessible to all.
Reader/Audience Profile:The readers will expect the writer to address the advantages and disadvantages of the new device in preventing teens or people in general from texting and driving.  In this regard, I plan to accommodate these…
Context: The audience may be both in favor of and against the use of the said devices or of
regulations on texting and driving in general.  With that, I would…
…Another flaw of using these apps is that they can be removed or their features can be disabled.  Although the parents will receive a notification that their children disabled the app’s features (Mays, 2014), such information may...


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