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3 Netiquette Tips Every Teen Must Know

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Netiquette basically means “etiquette on the internet”, particularly in posting your personal views to online discussion groups. In this digital age, we often surround ourselves with technology and computers to communicate with others even more so than actually talking to someone face to face. Especially for teens, we connect virtually on the internet with the outside world 24/7. Regardless, do y’all actually realize there are some basic netiquette skills to adhere? Below are some tips and tricks for every teen, aka every netizen out there.

Tip #1: Stop using violence!
You may think you can’t really get a bruise online, but in fact, even though action speaks louder than words, sometimes words can hurt more than anything else. Your views may differ from others, but that doesn't mean you can call them out or threaten them or attack them without a thought. You may not see the person, but that doesn't mean it will hurt less.

Tip #2: Be careful what you put online!
Remember everyone can see your posts. Nothing lasts forever except the things you put online. You can delete it, you can close down the website, but everything can be traced back with just a few clicks and eventually come back to haunt you forever. What is said cannot be unsaid and what is done cannot be undone. Your friends, your parents, your children, your soulmate, even your college admission officers can all see it. Before you post anything, know that one word, one sentence, one post can put your life at stake.

Tip #3: Read the terms and conditions!
You may be think that I’m delirious, because who will actually read that >1000 words of essay on any websites. I admit, I may also be the one guilty as charged, but to ensure you don’t break any rules or laws (yes…you can break laws online!), it is essential for every netizen to follow certain rules for certain websites. You don’t exactly want to post spam or copyrighted materials if it is not permitted when stated. Take a few minutes to skim...


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