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Women Reservation Bill

  1. Women Reservation
    and Assemblies. Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Parliament has passed the Womens Reservation Bill on 9 March 2010, this day in India can be termed as one of...
  2. Will Women's Reservation Bill Make Any Difference
    for Indian Society and economy in general. Therefore, the landmark Womens Reservation Bill, which is passed in the Rajya Sabha on 9.3.2010 and awaiting clearance...
  3. Women's Bill
    he himself is well placed. Female seat reservations can transform society far more in Panchayats than in Parliament, where women fear physical attack if they travel...
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The proposed legislation is to reserve 33.3 percent seats in Parliament and state legislatures for women. It was proposed by the H D Deve Gowda-led United Front government. It provides reservation for women at each level of legislative decision-making, starting with the Lok Sabha, down to state and local legislatures.
We have already had enough of the controversies over such reservations, adding this bill as a law would result in further complications. This would only help the women of the elitist groups to gain seats, therefore causing further discrimination and under-representation to the poor and backward classes.
We have been fighting for centuries to bring equality amongst men, women and children, irrespective of caste, creed, color and nationality. In a revolution where the society is working to treat the so-called SC and STs, equal to the general candidates, don’t you think such a reservation would further deteriorate the feelings for women in a male dominated country. People have been in an impression that introducing such commandments would bring a change in the status of a woman but haven’t we criticized the pre-existing reservations so many times.
It is quite obvious, that the one who deserves would definitely be placed at the right position, whether a man, a woman, or any other such categorization. History proves that whenever, whoever has been capable enough has always led the crowd.
We must not forget that introduction of such a law would prove the women of this and the generations to come, to be dependent on such reservations and will establish that they cannot fight for their grade without a support, on their ability to make things get going.
“Woman today is no less than any man on earth”- A proclamation I can state without any queries to it. They do not need a prop up to prove their merit in any field. I, being a part of the feminine society, believe that, we give birth, nourish lives, help in progress of the generation, if we want,...
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