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    LIFE GOALS As the most of my peers, I have been asking myself a question, what is it really I want out of my life? This question has been bothering many people...
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    when I am older will make myself be the best father figure and husband for my wife and kids. Those are all my life goals that I would like to achieve in my future...
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    researching for a career that I like best I need to set some goals. My life goals are to be a good student, have a 3.0 GPA, have time to do my homework, study...
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Considered one of the most significant black intellectuals of the 20th century, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote “There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained” this speaks volumes in terms of where my life is right now. Education is the vehicle in which we change our reality and empower ourselves to rise above that which Du Bois speaks of.
I am “determined to rise.” My education is the vehicle by which I hope to avoid the shackles so common among those that continue to be subdued a lack of opportunity. I have seen this scenario often within my community, for example, where not having a degree has no doubt limited the potential for growth. Furthermore, my myriad passions and interests expand beyond that of my high school education as I long to make a difference in my community. I have a sense of personal pride invested in this endeavor, especially, if my family and community can see my achievements as an example. This vision is my motivation, and I hope to create a cycle of growth and intellectual development for those that are closest to me and my community. Attending college is an integral step in achieving this dream.
Unfortunately, when I first attended high school I didn’t have a clear sense of purpose. It wasn’t until I became involved in community service; is when I found my calling. My personal mentoring and volunteering has taught me the importance of community involvement. Though my volunteer work I witness first hand the devastating experience of being separated from family though the eyes of children. Working with children to mitigate the impact of their circumstances was an achievement that helped me in so many other areas of my personal life. The majority of the teenagers were homeless and the most devastating consequences of homelessness among teens are the disruption of education. The main goal was to ensuring that teens received the same opportunity to learn, assist in...
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