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Uk Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues

1. Introduction
This report speaks about the general energy issues in the UK Hotel Industry. It also
demonstrates the methods and strategies used by accommodation manager to save
energy and costs in hotels. The heading Energy Consumption can be reduced by
Accommodtion Manager highlights the role of manager in energy consumption. The
heading How Structure/Design of Hotel can help with Environmental Issues speaks
about various energy-saving factors to keep in mind at the time of construction of a
property. The heading Current Legislation regarding Environment Issues speaks
about the most important factors that agencies stress upon.

Since late 1980s, ‘Green Environment’ has become an increasingly important issue.
Earlier it was believed that the chemical and oil industries were the only industries
that had negative impact on environment but now even the service industries are
under scrutiny. Even though hospitality industries seem to have less environmental
impact, they’re still responsible for reducing the impact that they have on
environement. In future, the hospitality industry will not be able to ignore its
environmental responsibilities when the demand for ‘green tourism’ will increase. For
example, a tourist who is more towards greenism will demand “green”
accommodation (Gray, Bebbington and Walters, 1993).

Hotels can save money and can still have profits by operating a more “eco-frienly”
hotel and by educating their guests about environmental factors and giving them the
opportunity of choosing the “environmental” option, they wouldn’t have to
compromise on quality and service. Most hoteliers feel the “environmentally friendly”
alternative are less efficient than the normally used products. With the suppliers been
able to recognize the growing demand for satisfactory “green” products and providing
sufficient alternatives, this problem should become less apparent in future. The
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