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Aid Kid

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The car rumbled as it drove along the rocky road. Libby looked out of the window to avoid eye contact with Ms Miller. ’We are reaching the Johnson's soon, Libby. Remember, don’t be rude to them. They are really looking forward to have you.’ ‘I can do whatever I want.’ Libby hissed back rudely, and turn back to the window again. Ms Miller’s perfume filled the car. Libby thought it’s rather a nice smell.
          The Johnson’s house came in sight and when Libby saw the two-storey farmhouse, she was startled. It had been nicer than she had thought it to be. It had a neat coating of cyan and white and it look awesome! This seem to cheer Libby up a little.
            She took her small suitcase with her clothes in it and she frowned. How could she go into a house so neat and beautiful when she’s just wearing a shabby-looking set of clothes and even her suitcase wasn’t right! She shook her head and the untidy looking braids flew around her face. She thought that the Johnson kids might laugh at her! The Johnson’s have three kids. Ben, Susan and Kevin. She reluctantly followed Ms Miller to the door and Ms Miller rang the doorbell. Almost immediately, the door flew open and standing there was Mr and Mrs Johnson, smiling. Libby felt awkward about it. ‘Hello, Ms Miller,’ said Mrs Johnson. ‘Good morning, I’ve brought Libby here. Her name is Elizabeth but we call her Libby for short.’ introduced Ms Miller.
              Mrs Johnson led Libby into the house and said warmly,’ Welcome, Libby, we are glad to have you. Let’s go to the family room. Susan is dying to see you. She’s glad that she’s going to have a sister.’ Mrs Johnson gave a little laugh.
              Libby was led to the family room and sitting there were three smiling kids. Mrs Johnson introduced to her the three children. Libby liked Ben’s smile, it gives her a warm feeling. Libby also like Susan. She thought that Susan looked very pretty, with two pony
tails hanging behind her ears. It always bobbed when...


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