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Victor, Viola, Victoria and Violet

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Victor, Viola, Victoria and violet are siblings. Victor was the oldest, followed by Viola, Victoria and Violet. Viola, Victoria and violet have always thought that Victor is the best brother in the whole wide world. Not only did he have good looks, he also has the kindest and purest heart in the world, thought the three sisters.
  Next is Viola. Viola plays the viola. Weird. Viola has the brownest eyes and the blackest and shiniest hair. Her hair is long and it shows off her charm. wulala. Victoria is a beautiful, kind and polite girl. She’s quiet too. She seldom speak outside but only speak, joke and laugh when she’s alone with her family. very confidential. She has lots of talents like: playing piano, singing (her voice is really nice) and dancing (she learns ballet). Lastly comes the most cheerful and active member of the family, Violet. Violet has rosy cheeks and blue eyes. She’s cute in a way that “captures” the heart of every (almost) family members. Don’t know why. I call that charm.
  David Frankel and Sarah Frankel---also known as Mr. and Mrs. Frankel---are the parents of the four children. According to their neighbors, they say that the Frankels are the most kindest and generous family in the whole of America. Wow. isn’t it too far stretch??? Whole of America??? Cool.
  Victor, Viola, Victoria and Violet who were of age 19,17,16 and 14 respectively always brought home trophies from school entitled The Top Student Of The Year or The Most Outstanding Pupil Of The Year… ect., ect. kudos for the Frankels! Three cheers for them! Hooray, hooray, hooray! Well, it’s a fact that the Frankels led a good life… but this is only the beginning, but what will exactly happen after this? To be continued……
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