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Religion Reflection

Explain Walt Kowalski's journey from disenchanted to redemption.  

Walt Kowalskis journey from disenchanted to redemption starts off as Walt being a very grumpy, old man who is living in the past and is denying the fact that the world has changed. After his wife died during the beginning of the story we start off as Walt being a lonely single man.   Walt soon discovers that he needs to change. Walt was not a very nice person to everyone including his own family and he was also quite racist. As the story progresses Walt begins to interact with his neighbors, a hmong family who came from asia. Walt starts to become close to them especially with a girl names sue and a boy named Thao. Walts relationship with the girl is the sort of relationship where they are comfortable talking with each other about various topics. As the movie builds Sue starts to loosen up with Walt calling him "Wally" or an old man. With Thao the relationship is very different, thao and walt start to become very close --almost like a father and son. As the story gets deeper the Hmong family is disturbed by the Hmong gang (Thaos older cousin) as they shoot the house with machine guns Thao gets shot in the neck and Sue gets brutally injured and raped. Walt becomes very angry and realizes what the world has become. Walt wants the best for Thao and Sue at this point and decides he must kill all the Hmong gang. As Walt prepares for the "mission" a series of events unfold and the story gets deeper and more complex. Walt leaves Thao locked in his basement, he then calls his son, leaves his dog with the neighbors and tells Sue where the key to his house is. The next scene is Walt at the Gangs hangout house. Walt stands there and then pulls out his lighter to light a cigarette, as he does this he gets shot multiple times by multiple members of the gang killing him instantly. The police reported he had no weapon with him. This is where one realizes that Walts plan was very well...


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