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Old Yeller

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Dylan Bellamy
English 7
Mrs. Harmon
3/01/10                                   Journal Missions Week

I liked how we raised 3,000 dollars in one week,   I also like how we got into the worshipping of god and kept on going.   God appreciates us for donating all that money for Lakeland seniors to donate to World compassion network.   Mission’s week was strong,   It touched the lives of many, especially the junior high students.   It was an experience that Edgewood or Lakeview students were missing.   Mission’s week brought a lot of excitement to all high school students.   It was my first experience having a mission’s week because I went to a public school.   It was tough for me to cooperate with God in public school.   I know what I was missing at Warsaw Christian,   that’s why I wish I would have gone there for elementary.   Since I have gone to LCA this year, I lost a lot of great friends that I cannot see.   Although my Christian education is more important to me,   I would have been a bigger Christian than I already am.   All that I heard in elementary was rumors about fights.   People sometimes brought knives to school and it shocked me.   Now that I go to LCA, I have only 1 friend,   his name is skyler, and we sit with each other at chapel.   I realize that I’m lucky to have one friend.   I might get treated differently as a person, no one knows, but I know who I am, I am   a Christian boy in 7th grade named Dylan Bellamy who has 2 Christian parents who love him.   I am truly lucky that my parents care enough to give me a Christian education.   Although mission’s week was my first, it seemed like my very best church ever.   This is why I liked mission’s week.


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