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Brand Audit

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Brand exploratory is the step carried out in the Brand audit to measure the Brand performance and perceptions in the minds of the target market. So that through the results obtained from the exploratory stage we can measure the difference between the desired Brand Image, defined during the Brand inventory stage, against the actual Brand Image, measured in the Brand exploratory stage.
On the basis of the Brand Inventory of Nescafe we have carried out its Brand exploratory stage in this section, with the use of consumer and channel research.
Research Instruments:
    ➢ Questionnaire (Administered)
        o End-consumers
    ➢ Semi-Structured Interview
        o Channel members
Sample size:   70
    ➢ End consumer: 50
    ➢ Retailers:   20
    ➢ Age: 16-30
    ➢ Students and early career starters.
As this segment is the current target market of the company.
By performing analysis on the data collected through the questionnaires we have gained the following insights on the consumer’s perceptions about Nescafe’.

  1. Potential Market
We asked the respondents simply whether they drank coffee or not. Through this we measured the potential target market for Nescafe’ by measuring the percentage of people, from among our respondents, who say that they do drink coffee. The figures reveal a very large potential market in the form of 76.67% of our respondents claiming to drink coffee.

This is a very large market for the company. But these figures contradict the product facts revealed during the brand inventory stage, where the company claims that Pakistani market has a very low coffee consumption. Therefore we cannot make any inferences through a single question.

  2. Nescafe’s Target market
To narrow the broad market identified by the first question we asked the respondents who drank coffee about the brand that they used or preferred. This revealed Nescafe’s existing target market.

The answers reveal a large...


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