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Welding research paper
Travis Wheatley
Out of all the welding processes, the one I like the most is TIG. I like TIG the most because it presents a challenge every time I use it. Every time I do TIG I have fun and I get better at it every time. I like how you can control how much heat you can put in the metal and how smooth it welds if you don’t mess up the tungsten. That is why I like to use TIG. When I graduate out of high school I want to work in the welding field. I’m mostly looking for a job that pays decent. Also I would like to be able to learn something new just about everyday. If I can get a job in welding I’ll be happy. If I don’t I’m looking towards auto body and painting, maybe even both. The reason im looking to get into those fields is because I find it fun and challenging. To me if its neither of those then im not happy with it. Also I would get to deal with new things often. Also I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. My career goals are pretty simple. One of them is to do better everyday. I like to overcome all my challenges with the best of my abilities. Another is Try to be the best of the best at what I do. The last one is complete all my jobs that I do at the best of my abilities. In conclusion, I find welding to be something that cheers me up.


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