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I was walking home from a party when it started to get dark. Then, I realized I did not know where I was going. Lost in the dark nights I was roaming on the scary streets of East Heather wood rd. Creepy sounds of birds and flying owls broke my last hope of returning back safely. Fear kept rising through my heart. Without thinking I started to run like I was a rat abandoning a sinking ship. I was controlling the tears that were rolling down my eyelids waiting to see at least one human in the woods. I was all ears for any sound. Tired and exhausted, I fell to the ground. My eyes were shutting and my legs were cramped. I sat under a tree with my legs folded.
      There was a strange feeling running down my spine and I began to hear the footsteps of a horse that was heading towards me. This just added fuel to the fire. Confusing thoughts were lurking at the back of my head. While I was hearing the footsteps, I had many questions. Was the horseman a friend or was he here to destroy my very existence. I was planning to run, but I gave the thought another couple of seconds. Alas, since his horse was faster I decided to stay. I knew that I was well over my head.
      Then, an idea flashed in my head. I decided to hide behind a tree. I was waiting for the horse to approach. It had dark brown eyes and it was glaring at me. The horse rider was staring at me too. I was almost petrified looking at him. I knew that I was in hot water. With a snap of his fingers he signaled the horse to turn towards me. My heart had begun to beat faster and I could feel the pain in my back. The rider removed his helmet and raised a scroll which read, “Welcome to the territory of Arinland”
      Before I could say something, the words on the scroll started to jump around and change places. The letters on the scroll were normal and in a split of a second, it burned. Suddenly I heard some familiar voice as if coming from the skies. I heard the voice again and again and suddenly as if I was...


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