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Slave Experience

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In the process of Americanizing slaves, Berlin depicts of Richard “King” Carter doing so to his slaves in The Historicizing of the Slave Experience. The process involved the changing of their names so that they would be receptive to orders. Carter wanted to take away the African influence on his slaves, so that they would become less focused on their African roots.
Another event that shaped the mold of the African-American was at Elmina Castle and the town of Elmina. Elmina Castle was where many Africans were at first Christianized, then sold off to slavery. At the castle the Europeans took the African women as wives and mistresses, creating the Euro-African or the Creole (169). Creoles in North America, utilized their own mix of culture into skills and negotiations for trade. As communities were formed from Creoles, they still were enslaved for the most part, but they did not forget their new found culture, but they spread it on from being relocated.
Dutch Creoles helped to shape the production of the Dutch merchants of Dutch outposts in New Amsterdam or present day New York. The Creoles took advantage of their work and positions. They received independence to a certain extent from the Dutch as well as learning the Dutch language, receive property, start families, become Dutch Christians, and own property
At Jamestown in 1619, as the first slaves came to Virginia, a slave named Anthony Johnson came from the Caribbean to Virginia. He was an indentured servant for about thirty years and became free by purchasing his freedom. After becoming free, he started a family and started his own farm in Northampton County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Johnson received a 250-acre headright in 1651. His son John received 550-acres and his other son Richard

received 100-acres (177). The family was a successful one for a slave of the early 17th century in the Virginia Colony. The ironic event of this whole success story was Johnson held slaves. In 1654, one of...


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