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In all humans, evil exists. At some point we have to release it, and want to release it. For example, on the island Jack and Robert showed their evil while beating Wilfred, or even Robert who was hurt whilethe boys received pleasure out of his beating. Roger states, "He's going to beat Wilfred, I don't know why, he didn't say," (pg.159) as he giggles. Another example is when Robert is beaten bythe boys for no reason in frenzy where he is the pig. They chant in chapter seven, "Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!" (pg. 114). These examples clearly show that the kids are letting their true evil get the better of them. As these boys are also humans, this also means that even if they were girls, and were exposed to a place where there was nocivilization, they would want to let their evil out as well. It was philosophized by Thomas Hobbes- the famous English Philosopher, "All humans are born selfish and only seek their own personal interest, leading to violence and war." This quote is true and summarizes the children letting out their evil and selfishness because, if one thinks about it, humans always think about their own benefit first and not the benefit of others. This is universal truth, and clearly shows that girls would release their evil and selfishness within them, just asthe boys did especially considering the circumstances and surroundings. Subsequently, the quote by Thomas Hobbes is also true, since all this evil lead to violence on the island.

Secondly, the girls on the island would act the same as the boys in the sense of choosing a leader and creating rules. With the boys, there is always a power struggle between Jack and Ralph from the first time they meet. When the time arrives to choose a leader, Jack blurts, "I ought to be chief because, I'm chapter chorister and head boy," (pg.14). This shows that he wants to be a leader no matter what the majority ofthe boys think, showing him as a dictator. On the contrary, Ralph is voted for...
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