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    their presence might have caused a major change in your life. The someone that I admire is my mother. She is the sole reason for who I am today. All my success...
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    a positive role model in my life, and I hope that one day, I too can make a difference in someones life. Works Cited 1.) Associate Publisher.com 2.) KTLA.com...
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    the teachers I have encountered through my school life, Mrs. Smith is the one that I most admire. She was one of my English teachers in junior high. In contrast to...
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Transito Amaguaña

I admire Transito Amaguaña because she was a Ecuadorian Indian and she fought for the Indian people rights. She has to live in a difficult era, and for last she is a big image for ecuatorian people.
Her parents lived in a farm landowner, so when she was a child she has to work since age seven, and she was required to get married when she was 14 years old. This was the principal reason to want to fight whit the landowner people. Transito began to perform community activism, first with the Socialist Party, and later in indigenous marches as 1930 "marches to Quito", claiming land and labor rights.
Transito Amaguaña learned write and read, when she went to Cuba, because in Ecuador the education was prohibited for Indian people. She was on jail sometimes. Transito never accepted injustice whit her people. She made that landowners land returned the lands to Indians, she started Indian education creating four bilingual schools without government help.
She and communist people create the first Labor Code, later in 2003 she won the Eugenio Espejo Price, She was the leader of 26 marches in Quito by the claiming of rights for indigenous people and a founder in 1994 of the Ecuadorian Federation of Indians, among other organizations so that farmers were valued as human beings and not as animals
She died peacefully while she was sleeping, without any pain. A woman I admire, strong and simple, she has a pure heart, and always has a big smile in her face. She always will be in Indian people memories.
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