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Fish Farming Is Good for the Human Culture

  1. Fish Farming
    crops more abundantly and efficiently. Because of the increasing growth in our human population, fish farming was an alternative solution to world food problems...
  2. Fish Farming
    be considered waste in much of the western world. Is it "a wonder" that some 80% of the world's fish farming activities still take place in Asia? The Bible refers...
  3. Fish Farming
    and PCBs which defiantly are not good for human consumption. The wild salmon have flourished without any human modification there is no reason the farmed fish...
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Fish Farming is Necessary for Feeding the Population

      Are fish farms really necessary for feeding the world’s population? Many people have asked this question for quite a while because there are both good and bad things about aquaculture. On the one hand, aquaculture is beneficial for the population because fish farms feed many people. On the other hand, fish farms also damage the natural population of fish. This essay would argue that although fish farms cause damage to the natural fish population, fish farms are needed due to the fact that they provide a source of food for the increasing world population.
Fish farming is beneficial for the world population. For one, fish farming increases the number of jobs in a community. This would make the economy better for the world. Second, it would feed growing world populations. Providing a new way to feed populations will reduce pressure on wildlife, since people do not have to hunt food like hunting deer or fishing wild fish. Also, fish farming could increase scientific knowledge since farmed fish could be tested for health, and used for scientific experiments. Therefore, fish farming is beneficial to the world.
Although fish farming help the human population, there are also flaws in the system. First, fish farming could amplify and transfer illness and parasites to wild fishes. Infecting the wild fish population would mean a paramedic spreading through fishes, reducing their population critically. Second, it could unbalance the population of local specimen or migrating fish since wild fish is used to create high protein food pellets. Killing local fish would damage the food chain of that community, and has a chance of ruining the life of local fishermen. Also, fish farming pollutes the water with excess nutrients, antibiotics and chemical agents. To run a fish farm, there would be fish feces, antibiotics for the fish, and chemicals to keep the water clean; however, they would toxicate the water if they pile...
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