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Shortage of Electricity

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UNIT 3: Forces, Magnets and Springs
TOPIC:           Forces everywhere

INSTRUCTIONS: Read Unit 3: Forces, Magnets and Springs from your SIMPLY SCIENCE 2 book and answer the following questions.

A. Mark TRUE or FALSE from following:
|               |                                                                                     |TRUE / FALSE                   |
|           |Forces are acting all around us wherever we look.                                       |                               |
|           |Each time we move our bodies we are using forces.                                       |                               |
|           |You exert a force each time you push, pull, twist or turn.                               |                               |
|           |There are high forces and low forces.                                                   |                               |
|           |You cannot measure forces.                                                               |                               |
|           |In tug of war stronger team loses the match.                                             |                               |

B. Fill in the Blanks.

  1. ______________ and ________________ are called forces.
  2. ______________ are acting all around us.
  3. You can only ___________ the effects of forces they have.
  4. You can _______________ forces.
  5. Each time we ____________ our bodies we are using _______________.

C. Rapid Fire.

a) Write down three things that a push or pull force can do. Give an example of each.

b) Forces can be used to twist and turn objects. How many examples of twist and turns being used you think of?

c) What are Forces?

UNIT 3:   Forces, Magnets and Springs
TOPIC:     How we use magnets?

A. Mark TRUE or FALSE from following:
|Sr. No         |...
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