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Life in Prison

  1. Life In Prison
    Life in Prison Confining criminals in prison building for one-year or more for serious crimes is a fairly new concept in the United States. In...
  2. Life In Prison
    It also helps in the rehabilitative effort of the inmate (Life in Prison Behind a Convicts Eyes, para. 4). These needs are best tackled by what is not being done...
  3. Life In Prison
    Institutional and Community Corrections September 22, 2010 Life in Prison Before taking the Institutional and Community Corrections class I had minimal...
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Life in Prison
I could never imagine being in prison for a whole year, much less 7-9 years.   However, when you commit a crime, you have to pay the time.   This young man has learned numerous things throughout his time in jail. I think that if everyone could make the change of heart he has, jail would be a much more of a necessity.
I think jail has become a lost cause.   Some people do come out of jail as a new person, such as John, but as John and the other inmates say, sometimes jail makes a man dumber.   Jail has no affect on a man if he has no intention of changing when he gets out.  
I also think it doesn’t help them any when they are allowed to smoke.   I was shocked whenever he said they got to smoke while they were in jail.   I think if they really want people to change in prison, they need to deprive them of all impurities.  
Another thing which caught my attention was the obstacles which prevented them from leaving.   I am glad they make it near impossible to escape.   On the other hand, I think if they try to escape, they should be executed.
All in all, I believe jail can change a man, and John is a perfect example of this belief.   However, you must have to want to change.   Also, I think you must be deprived of all impurities as well as be executed for trying to escape.
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