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Do We Need Computers

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If we look around today’s world, the most revolutionary invention is computer. It almost changes the whole scenario. Now usually we don’t send letters to our friends or relatives but only emails. There will a be time in near future, when our coming generations use to laugh to hear that our ancestors used pen and papers   for communication. Are these changes really good for us?
There is no doubt that computer made our life very comfortable and fast. We are flooded with information. We can jump over any part of the world in the flickering of eye.   We have access to all the research web sites, but do we have enough time? We are just one click away from any unsolved issue. And this is the real issue.
We were in real peace when our access to this global village was limited. When our kids used to play outside and had a lot of exercise daily. When I used to wait anxiously the letter of my wife, who lived in the village. When I had to plug in my TV once in the evening for latest news. When my breakfast remained incomplete without daily news paper.   When I had enough time to engage myself in my study room.
I think we should struggle for the best. We should move forward in a good pace. But everything   must be kept in limits. Computer should be a part of our study room but there must be some space left for the book shelf, pen and paper.


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