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Free Public Transportation

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Free Public Transport

Many Americans in today’s society rely on public transport such as bus, train, taxi, subway, and many more. They usually can’t afford a car and are really thankful for these options. There is only one problem; these units of transportation are not cheap. Sure, they might be cheap at the moment, but for someone who partakes in this choice of transportation on a day-to-day basis, the expenses add up. Public transport should be free to every American citizen.
Many American citizens were born into a bad lifestyle. This is not their fault. Many of them are geniuses but can’t get a good education due to financial problems. So they are stuck with trying to find a job that can support a family and nothing else. They are not offered any other opportunities. When they finally find a job, they need to get there. This is where public transport comes into play. These citizens have no money to pay for this transportation to get to their job, therefore; they cannot work due to lack of attendance. This is throwing many families onto the streets and becoming homeless. If public transportation was free, fathers and mothers could attend their jobs and make an income to support their families without having to worry about making it to their jobs on time.
Another serious topic that should make public transportation free is the use by teenagers to and from school. Most kids that ride the public bus or subway to school cannot afford it half the time. This causes them to have to walk to school and also walk home. On their way home they have no protection and can easily find trouble. They end up getting mobbed by gangs or caught up in drug deals by strangers all because they can’t afford a bus ride home. Kids this age do not deserve this. All they are trying to do is go to school and get a good education.
These are some of the reasons why I think public transportation should be free. Everyday citizens try to make a living and can’t do so cause of the...


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