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1 kg Wheat[pic](grounded to the size of large sugar crystals and soaked over night)
Cup Of All Kinds Of Pulses
Cup Rice
2 kg Beef (boneless)
2 tbsp Ginger[pic]+Garlic[pic] Paste
Kg Tomatoes
Red Chillies To Taste
Salt[pic] To Taste
tsp Tumeric Powder
Mint[pic] leaves, corriander, green chillies and lemon for garnishing.
First cook beef with ginger[pic] and garlic[pic] paste, tomatoes, red chilli, tumeric powder and salt[pic] till beef is tender.
Put the wheat[pic] in a big bowl with a good amount water till tender.
In another bowl ,boil all the pulses and rice till tender.
Then grind the pulses properly.
Continuously mix the wheat[pic] on medium flame.
When it gets a little thick,add the pulse mixture and mix properly.
Now add in the beef mixture.
Mix very well for 10 minutes.
Put fried onions alongwith the hot ghee[pic] used to fry the onions in.
This is the "baghar" and it gives taste to finished haleem.
Cook on low flame.
Garnish with corriander, green chillies and mint[pic] leaves and serve hot.

|                                                                                               |

|Beef Potato Curry                                                                               |
|                                                                                               |
|Must Give it a Try!                                                                             |
|Ingredients:                                                                                   |
|750                                                                                             |
|  grams beef fillets                                                                           |
|                                                                                               |
|1                                                                                               |
|  tablespoon garlic paste...
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