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Modern Living

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"Modern living has made human beings disease prone."
Good morning .I firmly believe that "Modern living has made human beings disease prone". Thus I will be speaking for the notion.
My talk today gives concise information on the harmful effects of modern living.
In this talk I intend to outline three major & important points regarding the notion:
1. What modern living is?
2. Some of the known & unknown facts regarding the harmful affects
3. Things to be done to prevent his.
Modern living means adopting the western culture, smoking, drinking, eating pizzas and burgers, etc. There are still other things such as getting addicted to cocaine, performing deathly stunts, etc. But   this makes anyone obese and also mentally sick as scientifically it has been proved. We can see youth getting addicted to smoking which reduces 13.9% of the life. Not only that they are prone to mouth & lung cancer.
I would want you to look at other affects as well. Actually the number of obese & people suffering from heart diseases has increased because most of them eat junk food regularly and some of them twice or thrice a week. In fact, some of the junk food contains MSG which makes our nerves inactive (partially) & some of the drinks contain silicate which badly affects small intestine.
There are other innumerable harmful effects of modern living as well.
In conclusion, I believe it is clear that "Modern living has made human beings disease prone" & not only that there is a need to protect & preserve our culture & be healthy by staying away from modern living & its consequences.


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