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What Does a Marketing Do?

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A marketing specialist is an important piece of the advertising and promotion puzzle for a business. Its typical for a marketing specialist to be in charge with the formation of the marketing program that will help a business get its product known to the public. To do this, the marketing specialist has to get involved with the business. They “work to arrange and transfer specialized elements of the marketing campaign, such as an outline for media coverage, the production of print advertising, or even label and packaging design for the products.”(Wise-geek)
“A marketing specialist is knowledgeable in accessing the needs of the consumer
market as they relate to a given product or set of products.”(Contemporary Marketing)
This means the marketing specialist will learn how and where to gain information about
customer needs and trends that are consistent to the marketing of a certain good and or         services. “Marketers with the capability to effectively retrieve information and apply the
data to make marketing campaigns are often sought out to design advertising for niche
markets as well as promotional plans with a general appeal.”(Karen E. Klein)
Along with powerful imaginative and researching skills, a marketing specialist
normally has some proper education, being the key role of development for a career in
marketing. “Most companies would rather have their marketing specialists to have at
least a Bachelor’s degree, while others would prefer a Master’s degree in marketing or
some related field of expertise.” (Wise-geek)Along with a college education, many
businesses like to hire a marketing specialist with no less than two years of experience in marketing.
A marketing specialist can be employed exclusively for a business on their
development team,...


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