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Students Suffer from Stress

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In some colleges today, students who are beginning their first year of college end up having a lot of stress. Stress can make students fail courses or even sick. The main causes of stress for college students are the load of work, the cram of exams, and the pressure of friends.
      Probably the first cause of (that's not technically incorrect, but it sure is awkward) stress is the school workload. Student have more projects to finish than is frequently possible, and they are always trying to catch up on work. Some students do their work one night before the assignment is due, and many skip classes or use lunch breaks to do assignments instead of relaxing with their meals. Also, students worry whether they have put a lot of information in their assignment.
        A second cause of stress is cramming for exams. Students worry a lot about quizzes and tests that are worth more marks. For example, student may feel that they are hassled. Some students do a lot of studying at the last minute, believing they can learn all the materials in one night. Many even stay up all night studying and not getting enough sleep. Also, students are always worried about what is going to be on tests and believe they have not studied hard enough for tests. Students who think that they might fail wind up feeling upset. And if they actually fail, they might give up trying and not be able to not focus on their other courses.
    A third cause of stress for students is when students feel so much pressure that they might be led into doing drugs or doing alcohol instead of doing work. For instance, students may not want to ask questions about school work of friends because they might believe that their friends will give them the wrong answer or that their friends will not care. Uncaring friends might insist they go out and party instead of study. Students might also feel embarrassed by asking their friends because they think they will laugh at them.
         In conclusion, students suffer...


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