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College Drinking

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College Drinking

The tradition of college drinking has developed into a necessary culture, involved in every level of a college students’ environment. College drinkers reinforce students’ expectations that alcohol is needed for social success. These beliefs and intentions exert a powerful influence over students’ behavior towards alcohol. Students perceive drinking as a social norm and as an unhealthy and destructive behavior. Functions that promote college drinking are seen in diverse locations and throughout a students’ environment, whether they drink or not.
Binge drinking is a significant public health concern that is well-known among college students. College students who excessively drink often experience a wide range of consequences, including legal complications, health impairments, increased risk of mortality and academic failure.
College students were asked by health organizations and universities nationwide to participate in surveys and questionnaires about this topic. Receiving various results, they all provide explanations why college students, especially underage students, consume alcohol and solutions to help students minimize consequences and reduce alcohol risk and use. All of these sources are credible and informative, but they can’t affect every single college student, because experience must be involved.
The University of Virginia came up with an idea to prevent deaths of intoxication or accidents related to drinking. They use ‘social norming,’ which relies on peer counseling, social events and information to challenge misperceptions students have about drinking. Stories of students are told about their experiences and perspectives involving on binge drinking, and their funereal results. One student from University of Virginia, commented about a scary wake-up call he had when he binged, “Getting into fights with people when you’ve had too much. Uh, vomiting in public. Public urination. Unprotected sex. The whole nine yards of just...


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