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The Hurricane Katrina Report: Negative Effects

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The Hurricane Katrina Report: Negative Effects

Aric Nation
University of Dubuque

Research 104
Professor Robert Happ

February 13, 2011

Hurricane Katrina, known as one of the deadliest natural disasters in the nation, has caused more than just physical and property damage. It has done more than merely left millions of people homeless and jobless. It has derived many people of their normal mental state. Most of the survivors have been left with some sort of mental or emotional trauma due to the tragedies of Hurricane Katrina. Whether it has swept away their desired property or even swept away their loved ones, some form of mental instability has set in. PTSD is a commonly known mental disorder that has taken control of the lives of many Katrina victims. Manic depression has done more damage than any possible flood could do. With these statements said, it is safe to say that Hurricane Katrina has left many negative effects on those who have witnessed it, experienced it, and survived it.

Hurricane Katrina: September 2005
In the month of September, 2005, a natural tragedy had struck multiple cities in the southeast part of the nation. The city that had received the brunt of the destruction was the city of New Orleans.
Figure 1. Path of Hurricane Katrina

It was known as one of the nation’s most destructive category 5 hurricane disaster compared to the past hurricanes in the past 20 years. The winds of the mighty hurricane had reached up to about 145 mph (Solar Navigator, 2005). The destructive for had started creating its path at Miami Florida, and it had led across the Gulf of Mexico into Louisiana/Mississippi, and it continued its destructive path into Tennessee as it started to subside.

The storm had left New Orleans in the darkness for almost 2 whole months. Struggling to turn the power back on and restore the necessary resources, specialty rescue operations were sent in to aid the...
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