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Environmental Problems - Essay

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The argument correctly states the importance of the governments and large businesses but underestimates the significance of individual human beings in the campaign against environmental problems.
    Governments and large businesses play positive roles in making the earth healthier by reducing the amount of pollutants which humans put into the ocean, sea, river, lake, and atmosphere. The main functions of governments in this campaign are in the field of policy making and legislation. To make policy is to scientifically, effectively, and efficiently organize people, resources, and funds to improve the environments. In this glorious activity launched by man against nature businesses provide financial support in the form of donation and the like. P&G, HP, and IBM all contribute much annually in this concern.
    While emphasizing the crucial functions of the governments and businesses, we should not be distracted from the vital roles every individual human being plays in this great and glorious global project. Children, adults, and the elders all are indispensable in cracking the hard nut of pollution and consumption of limited resources. In our daily routine, each human being is expected to save the electricity, water, and fossil fuels. For instance, a child is expected to switch off the light when leaving the classroom. In agricultural production, each farmer is supposed to use less pesticide and sufficiently protect the water and soil from erosion. In industrial activities, each employee should conduct his or her activity with environmental ethic concerning. If all people work together, struggle together, and pray together, we will win one day in the future. Yes, lets share the only dream in the diversified world.
    In conclusion, if governments, businesses, and individuals all contribute to the environmental programs and projects, then we human beings will enjoy a healthier and happier life in this globe.


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