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Effect of Power and How It Is Communicated to People

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Power can be seen as the control that something or someone holds over another person or thing. Many times literature seeks to demonstrate a sense of power throughout it. Thomas DeQuincey once said, “All that is literature seeks to communicate power,” explaining that works of literature somehow reveals control among a certain group or a person. I agree with this quote because there are many works that talk about power and the effect it has. Two major works that support this are 1984, by Bob Orwell and Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly.
The dystopian novel 1984 by Orwell is a work of literature that boldly communicates and shows the effect of power and how it is communicated to the people during that time. The government, which was known as Big Brother ran the totalitarian society and ultimately controlled anyone and everyone that was involved. Most people could not break away from the government without vanishing. The power was so great that anyone who seemed to be thinking what they should not would be accused of a Thought Crime, leading to their demise. Big Brother watched every move through telescreens that were virtually everywhere. The main character, Winston Smith realized the control that he was under along with many just like him. He knew it was wrong and there was once better in life but dared not to speak out. Instead he found a way to isolate himself and write in a diary letting out how he truly felt. It seemed so easy at first but even Winston gave in and hailed Big Brother. The juxtaposition that was used such as the phrase Victory Mansion helped add to the sense of domination because it was anything but that. If anything it was a frightening place that was barely able to stand. The use of juxtaposition pointed out the developing fears and outrage as well as power throughout the party. It shows that you cannot live while scrutinized even though the party expected you to.
Another work titled Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly also communicates power in...


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