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Lost in Translation

  1. Lost In Translation
    in the late 1950s when Eva was a young 13 years old. Lost in Translation portrays Eva's maturity through the growing pains of identity through her immigration...
  2. Memory In Exile: Eva Hoffman's "Lost In Translation"
    hand perspective through flashbacks with introspective analysis of her life lost in translation. It is her memory that permeates through her writing and furthermore...
  3. Lost In Translation
    is lost in translation from one language to another? Most linguists would say that there is no such thing as a perfect translation and that something is always...
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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Doctors remained optimistic Friday that all eight babies born last month to a California woman will fully develop without major complications.

Nadya Suleman has been visiting her newborns every day, a hospital spokeswoman said.

All of the octuplets are breathing on their own and continue to receive tube-fed donated pasteurized breast milk, Kaiser Permanente Hospital spokeswoman Socorro Serrano said. Only two of the six were being supplemented with intravenous nutritional combinations.

"Premature babies take a while before they can be bottle-fed, and there are signs that each baby is developing motor functions so they can receive bottle-feeding and be able to swallow and breathe at the same time," she said.

"When I last talked with Dr. Mandhir Gupta, the neonatologist who led the delivery team, he said there are small positive signs every day," she said.

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The babies continue to make progress in their development as they grow to their optimum weight, Serrano said.

According to Serrano, most premature babies are ready to go home when they reach "normal newborn weight," which can be about 6 pounds. That may still take a few weeks to a couple of months for the octuplets, she said.

The babies' progress has been good, Serrano said. The heaviest at birth, Isaiah, weighed 3.25 pounds and is now 3.61 pounds. The smallest, Makai, was born at 1.5 pounds and now weighs 1.76 pounds, she said. On Thursday, they will be 1 month old.

According to Serrano, the mother, Nadya Suleman, 33, has been visiting her children every day since she was released from the hospital a few weeks ago

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LOS ÁNGELES, California (CNN) - Los doctores permanecieron el...
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