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Intelligent Vehicles and Automated Highways

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    System is as follows [Plan93]: The term fully automated intelligent vehicle-highway system is interpreted to mean a system that: w Evolves from todays roads...
  2. Fully Automated Highway System
    is method used in AHS to increase the capacity of highways. The eight-vehicle platoon demonstration at the National Automated Highway Systems Consortium Technical...
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    computer systems ....Virtual machine monitors Consumer electronics ....Ambient intelligence ....Audio systems ........Audio-visual systems ........Auditory displays...
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Developing on- board automotive driver assistance systems aiming to alert drivers about driving environments and possible collision with other vehicles has attracted a lot of attention lately .In these systems, robust and reliable vehicle detection is a critical step. Intelligent vehicles and automated highways is a new technology which will make a major change in highway transportation. Control, communication and computing technologies will be combined into an intelligent vehicles and automated highways system that can significantly increase the safety and highway capacity without new roads to be built.
IVHS is the selected approach for addressing the needs, both present and future, of the nation’s roadway complex. It involves the application of advanced systems-information processing/ display, communications, control, and sensing-to improve the effectiveness of this complex.
IVHS is comprised of six interrelated areas. The first is Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), which involves the monitoring and control of traffic on streets and highways. A surveillance system is employed to detect traffic conditions, usually in a metropolitan area and/or on the arterials leading to that area. The collected information is communicated to a traffic management center for processing, and the processed information is used to manage traffic by controlling-various traffic signal devices. The technologies involved are associated with vehicle detection, communication, information processing and control.
Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) involves the application of those IVHS technologies that will enhance the operations of commercial roadway vehicles such as motor carrier fleets, independent truckers, and intercity buses. NHS technologies, when applied to such vehicles, should, by making operations more efficient reduce operating costs for commercial operators and improve the driving environment for vehicle operators....
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