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Strange Story

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03/09/2012 10:48 PM
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One Wednesday afternoon, my friends and I stayed back in school to practice playing the piano.
It was about 2.30pm, we were practicing at Block F while the afternoon section class's students were studying in their classes.
We practiced the songs that we would perform on Cocuriculum Day.
At times we got bored, so we played other pop songs.
We made a very nice band.
Min and I played the piano, and Ying, played the keyboard.
We played a pop song while two other friends, Jinn and Choo sang.
It was so great and fun!

The time was almost 3.30pm when i got hungry.
So, I went to canteen and bought one pack of french fries and two slices of butter bread.
I took a while to finish my lunch and then I went to the toilet to wash up.
When I was washing my hands, I looked into the mirror to clean my messy hair.
At the moment, something flew by behind me.
I could see it in the mirror, I turned around, but there was nothing.
I was alone in the toilet.
It felt so weird having a strange shadow appearing in the mirror.

Suddenly, I heard a sound.
It sounded like a girl singing.
So, I followed the sound,walked slowly towards it.
The sound came from the last stall in the toilet.
I was frightened and shaking.
I slowly pushed the door but there was nothing inside, no one.
And even the singing had stopped.
I ran out quickly to Block F and I told my friends about it.
They got scared as well, especially the girls.
We immediately packed up and left.
The whole incident was so strange, I could never forget it.
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