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World War2

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                        3rd period
WW2 essay
                                                The First World War broke out in July, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia following the assassination of their arch-duke Franz Ferdinand. Generally, two countries going to war does not spark such a massive war with so many countries getting involved. However, Europe at this time had so many Alliances and promises within it that it would be impossible for any kind of small war to take place. We call it a “World War” because at least one country from each continent was involved in some way. This was often because the countries were a part of the empire of a European power. Thirty two nations fought in the war. The war lasted for over four years and resulted in more than 11 million casualties.  
Americans contributed to their Nations war effort during world war two by growing a ‘victory garden’ companies like the Pennsylvania railroad would make posters showing ways you could help out with the war. In the victory garden poster shows two men, one in uniform the other in regular cloths. The man in regular clothes is growing a victory garden. They are both talking to each other. Companies put out these posters like this one to make them look good and make it look like they cared about the war.  
Participating in the war effort created new opportunities for certain groups of people in America because then it gave Americans /African Americans the opportunity to get jobs, make more money, and to help out there nation by sending the food and weapontry to the military. The people who joined the military helped out because they were fighting for their country and were seen as heroes.
Before the war African Americans were often kept out of highly skilled or technical jobs, but when we got involved with the war there were not enough workers to perform the jobs, there for African Americans and others filled...


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