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On Being a Proud Indian

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Good Morning teacher & all my dear friends,
Today, I am going to speak a few words on being a proud Indian
I am proud of being an Indian. But for what reason? Is it for the simple reason that I am a creation of the Indian soil? Or, is it for the reason that the Indian soil uplifts me? Certainly not for these reasons only. Someone else can take pride in being an Indian for these reasons, but the reason of my pride is that my country, India, makes Sahishnuta [forbearance], Sahansheelta [tolerance] and Sarvabhaumik Swikriti [universal acceptance] the basis of identity of its inhabitants. Furthermore, I am proud of being an Indian because Ahimsa [non-violence] in its perfect state is accepted as the supreme value in day-to-day living here.
It is evident that forbearance, tolerance and universal acceptance, along with Ahimsa, are the parts and parcels of the lives of the Indians. On the strength of these values India accorded refuge to all those who became the subject of atrocities and were oppressed in their own respective continents or countries. Without any cast, creed, colour, gender or religion-based discrimination, India adopted all those who reached to its land for the purpose of taking shelter. This is, in fact, the Indian Way, established centuries before. This is foremostly the subject of pride for me and lacks of other like minded people.
I am proud of being an Indian because my country granted refuge to those Jews who became victims of atrocities of the Romans and after the destruction of their holy place of worship by them reached the Indian soil for shelter. They not only got refuse here forever, but also the permission of earning their livelihood. Deprived of freedom in their own motherland of Iran, Zoroastrians [Parsis], the followers of Spitama Zoroaster, who conveyed the great message of monotheism, when reached India to take refuge, Indians accepted them with joy. It is a long list of such refugees. The names of several human-groups and tribes...


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