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Global Warming

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Our world is facing a lot of crisis such as deforestation, too much e-waste, pollution and greenhouse effects. All of the problems need to be considered carefully to have a good solution to improve our planet, especially global warming. The purpose of this essay is to discuss about the effects and solutions for it.
One of the main affects of global warming is that it results in food shortages. Now, temperature has risen by more than 1 Fahrenheit. Therefore, sea levels, floods are rising in numbers which associated with the melting ice in Arctic. Hurricanes, tornados appear more often, droughts are last longer. As a result of this, more and more crops are being destroyed and it is a warning sign to our global food production and may cause a lack of food.
Besides food shortages, the ecosystem may be destroyed as a consequence of global warming. Because of the significant rise in temperature, many species cannot stand the heat so they seem to move further to the 2 end pole. However, while some of them are able to move, the others are unable and may die or even become extinct. For example, according to IPCC (2007), polar bears are in danger since there are less ice which soon to be melted to live and less fish to eat.  
One of the main solutions for this crisis is that people should reduce the emission of waste gases. Burning too much fossil fuel for vehicles, machine in factories and electricity have given rise to CO2 and greenhouse gases which make our world become hotter. Therefore, people should try to use less of it. For example, we can use bio fuel as a replacement which is cleaner compare to fossil fuel for cars and motorbikes. Increase in solar system and wind turbine can also help us to reduce the use of oil and coal in electricity supply. Thus, it may slow down the speed of climate change.
Not only using alternative energy, but also growing more trees and plants will help to solve global warming. Trees and plants can absorb CO2 by release O2 as they...


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