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The Summary of My Part-Job

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The Summary of My Part-Job

From the beginning of last month till today (just 7 days during this period of time when the selling places is filled with customers), I do a part-time job that was selling TV and offered by the TCL company. At first, the company’s want ad said they wanted to employ interns and after the training, I knew it was just a part-time job and my main job was to bring the customer to our exhibition hall( maybe 15 meters away from our exhibition hall), which seemed to be very simple and kind of boring and in fact it was not so easy. Originally, I applied to this job just because I wanted to improve my ability to work and earn some social experience and this job seemed not to meet my need. So, knowing that, I was disappointed and wanted to quit, but after my deliberation, given that the company offered me payment and I had nothing to do at that time, I persisted.

Fortunately and to my surprise, it turns out that I really learn something from that job.

The most important thing, I think I learn, is that a specific field of knowledge needs accumulating bit by bit and ability needs developing and improving step by step. There is no shortcut to hit the high level and little people can do that in a short time. Further more, it is even difficult to combine these two things together, that is, apply knowledge to practice or make practical use of the knowledge. When I was doing my job, I spent some time thinking about the words I should say to persuade and attract the customers to come to our exhibition hall, which can be considered as some kind of knowledge, very simple, easy and low-level one. However, even if the knowledge was so simple, I still can’t use it rightly and freely, and sometimes I even don’t know what to say to the customers. Maybe, this is what people always say, “ the gap between words and practice”, or “saying is one thing and doing is another thing”. Another example is that at the night of the day before the last day, I studied...


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