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Fun with Dick and Jane

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Fun with Dick and Jane
This movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” Has Many Economic Crises. When Dick had gotten promoted, his wife automatically quitted her resent job because of Dick’s huge promotion. It was a chance of them to actually have that American Dream Life.   When the time came they we’re super rich, the business was running smooth. All of a sudden the business/ stock dick had advanced all his money in had crashed. They never prepared for this day. There are two choices Dick and Jane could had made at the moment while dealing with scarcity. First, reducing our wants. Likewise, use our existing recourses wisely.

In The Movie Dick and Jane They didn’t ease their wants. As soon as Dick got promoted they spent their money towards the finest goods.   When it comes to American Nations; We Need to Spend Less and Save More.   Dick automatically bought an expensive new car and a enormous plasma TV. There weren’t thinking for tomorrow. Americans nowadays don’t think before they spend. They think right after the have already purchased the item. America is bankrupted and so is a lot of other business in American which employee’s wishes to be successful and have that one typical wish like having an “American Dream” Life.

In the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane’s” they bought new and improved goods which they really didn’t really need. They bought it since it was trendy at the flash. Americans need to learn how to use their existing resources wisely.   Such as, Coal, oil and natural gas. Those Three resources should not be taken likely. Their used to provide electricity and to power our cars. We need to take advantage of the great quantity of solar, wind, wave, tidal and warm air energy that is free, renewable and supportable. These resources will provide more than enough green electricity which can then power all the industry, homes and transport that we need. As American we need to work as individual and attempt to get our Nation out of debt since our Country is...


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