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Georgia Laws Of Life

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Georgia Laws of Life Essay


“Adopt the patience of nature; her secret is patience”, says Ralph Waldo Emerson, which greatly depicts the life many wish to obtain; a life with patience and security in nature. The only real entity in our lives is nature; the rest is only artificial. Patience and living is becoming an object of the past, what else could we call it now besides, mounting impatience and instant living. With all the new technology, such as faster traveling, communicating and entertainment, why acquire patience? With one click of a button you can have it all. If there weren’t all of the restraints from technology; how would you gain patience?
Just within the last year, I feel as if I have acquired this trait. Around this same time last year my family purchased a hunting lodge in South Georgia. Almost every other weekend we pack up our things, head out the door, and within the next hours arrive in a place some would perceive as a ghost town. I see it as something totally different; more like an escape from the ever-present chains of Alpharetta. With a sigh of contentment, I sit back on the patio and start my relaxing weekend. Unfortunately you cannot relax for long when you know the endless amount of adventure waiting for you. My sisters and I jump on a four-wheeler and begin weaving in and out of trails eventually ending up in a secluded cove. The wind glides through the Spanish moss and wiggles through the pond cracks. The cypress trees intimidating you as you walk by, you cannot help but think to yourself, no one will ever know how beautiful this is besides us. The scene seems to come directly out of Jurassic Park. We stare for what seems like hours at this, but leave off again to explore. This time we leave to have a little amusement; I drive directly through a mud puddle; filled with who knows what and completely bury my sisters in red Georgia clay. As the daylight begins to fade, we climb up in a deer stand overlooking an entire...


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