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Expain How Misleading Reasonibgs Is Used to Influence Others

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Brenda Jones

          The physical setting and environment I would love to have in my job. I would like

      a clean environment, people that like to talk and organization. I like working where it is

      clean it seems like I can get my day started a lot better with a clean environment. People

      who are friendly and loves to talk and be good team players. Team players make an

      office. It helps if you have a problem and if you can’t figure it out and you ask someone

      to help they are willing to help you and not just shut you out. Organization is another way

      I like to be because if I am organized I can find things easier and get things done in a

      timely manner.

            Types of activities and responsibilities I love to be with other people. I

      like to be able to help people with there problems whether it be with kids or financial.

      Sometimes I help my friend with her grandchild. Her grandchild lives with her and she

      just started school well the little girl likes school but there is a bully in the crowd. So I

      help her grandmother figure out what to do if telling someone at school doesn’t help. I

      like to help people like take them to pay there bills, grocery shopping, and so on.

            The types of people I would want to work with is friendly people and team

      players. If something happens that I or someone came across something in our work

      that we got stuck on I would want someone to help me with it. I would do the same if

      someone came across something that they didn’t know I would be will to help them.

      It doesn’t hurt people to help out other people. I would like to work with friendly people

      because if you are friendly and everyone gets along seems like the day goes by really

      fast. I like to work with knowledgeable people because you can learn more from them....
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