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Author: Taha Baaasher, FRC Psych
              Regional Adviser on Mental Health, WHO EMBRO

In the article THE USE OF DRUG IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD   , author Taha Baaasher, FRC describes the development of the Islamic community and the control of alcoholism within context of overall socio-cultural changes. The author also reviews the origin and use of opium, cannabis, khat and synthetic psychoactive and the role of Islam in the prevention and treatment of drug abuse..
At the beginning of this article, author explain the historical of the brewing alcohol from dates, grape, honey and doura that was generally popular among pre Islamic communities living in the Arabian Peninsular. In the pagan pre Islamic Meccan society, the use of alcohol was highly praised for its pleasure producing and euphoric effects. At this time the social life was riddled with a variety of harmful practices, such as the killing of male children because of poverty or female children for fear of shame. Although the use of alcohol was clearly identified as disruptive social evil there are no specific prohibitions from any holy commandment, revelations and Al Quran at that time. The author use the references through the revelation from Prophet Muhammad and the Quranic in order to stated the early stage regarding the problem use of alcohol until the prohibition of alcohol and the punishment for alcohol user. As a muslim we cannot resist the statements contained in the Holy Quran and Hadith. I’m strongly agree with the author about writing based on al quran and hadith. The references through the hadith and sunnah are strongly support the evidence about the prohibition the use of alcohol and the Islamic jurist and scholars have primarily formulated and agreed its can be use in the problem the use of drugs. There are also 31 references given by author to support his article such as the verse in Quran in detail, the book, the article...


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