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The Original Scraper Manufacturers Also Set Foot in Cone Crusher Field

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An increasing number of foreign companies and manufacturers have to shift the focus to China, which also directly stimulate the mine crushing equipment for China's domestic enterprises to continue to move forward, to optimize the design.

Growing "more and more" full "so-called, on the one hand, the crusher market is growing. The first 11 months of 2010, according to a new machine sales statistics have been more than 150,000 units in the year to more than 160,000 units have been no suspense. Plus some manufacturers not included in the statistics, the year will exceed 17 million units of coal pulverizer. On the other hand, the cone crusher manufacturer's team is also growing.

The so-called full, on the one hand, almost all international cone crusher brands to enter the Chinese market is the whole brand. Even parts suppliers including engine, hydraulic parts and axle boxes, etc. gangue grinder to seize market share. The original LHD mechanical based industry manufacturers also almost field, mostly involving cone crusher cone crusher as the core product development strategy. View from the cone crusher products, the product line is also more and more full. Can be described as tonnage is growing more and more full product.

Almost all the global mainstream crusher manufacturers have entered the Chinese market, or joint venture or sole proprietorship. And a considerable number of multinational companies have Asia-Pacific is still transferred to the global center of gravity to the Chinese market, and the market is extremely competitive, from this perspective, living in China's mining machinery market has been international.
rock crusher http://www.zdcrusher.com
circular vibrating screen http://www.zdcrusher.com/Crushing_production_line/43.html


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