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Environmental Friendly Products Are Imperative

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     Local river gravel sand making users can realize the shortcomings of river gravel sand making machine, it is that dust pollution. In today's society, environment brought serious pollution, and the enterprise is difficult to survive, so we want to improve river gravel sand making equipment, strengthen energy conservation, develop environmentally friendly river gravel sand making equipment. The key moment of the present is that China is in a high-speed economic development, large-scale infrastructure construction in full swing, the bulk of the large number of construction projects directly led to the rapid development of the mining machinery industry, the river gravel and sand making machine and other mechanical equipment are once in short supply. 
     Due to the large increase in the market demand, many small enterprises see the opportunities, they have participated in the rank of the production of river gravel sand making machine, river gravel sand making machine and other mechanical equipment. Due to the restriction of the ability of these small businesses, compared to the professional production large companies and manufacturers of mining machinery and equipment, we are far behind them in terms of  technical personnel and economic strength. The production of machinery and equipment is often shoddy, in order to save the cost of production, the pursuit of economic interests, they tend to use cheap steel and raw materials for production, the produced products have low technical content and high energy consumption, high pollution and mechanical equipment, which bring many problems for the national requirements of low-carbon, energy saving and emission reduction work. In recent years, China sand making industry makes high-speed growth, and made significant achievements attracting worldwide attention, also we paid a great resource and environmental costs, the contradiction between economic development and resources...


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