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Embedded System and Bio-informatics

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Embedded system and Bio-informatics
An innovative device to tackle flight hijacking

Abstract— In this era of modern technology and high-end violence the fear of survival is always there especially when we are embarking an airplane. In this paper we have given an innovative approach towards providing a effective solution to tackle the flight hijack. It is an ironclad which involves implementation of Embedded system and Bio-medical Instrumentation. IRONCLAD means an unassailable/flawless device. It deals with the detection and prevention of hijacking, automatically by combining the features of embedded system and biomedical instrumentation for sensing the parameters. It is based on the sensing of changes in the body conditions of the passengers due to the fear of hijack.

Keywords— phonocardiography, ironclad, devastating.

I. Introduction

  The most intimidating part in this is the fear of hijackers seizing control of the plane Even the developed nations with the most sophisticated techniques could not stop these death including methods. Ironclad means an unassailable method or a flawless device. It is a new method using the functional system of the body. This will certainly put a full stop to the things that threatens everyone, if it is implemented correctly.

  The Ironclad deals with the detection and prevention of hijacking automatically by combining the features of embedded and biomedical instrumentation for sensing the parameters. Embedded system is used because any alterations in the system does not need   the change of hardware and could be done just by changing the coding written in the IC. This reduces hardware cost, development time and space. These chips are built into a non-computing device, which gives intelligence to the system.

  Biomedical instrumentation provides necessary equipments for sensing the required parameters from the body. The camera gives the control to the system and for alerting the pilot. Two types of...


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