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Teacher1(Ms. Gina A. Siglos) | | | |
-A global teacher must be a competent mentor. -He/she must apply the latest trends in education. | -A global teacher must be resourceful. | -Global teachers should be resilient, flexible, and very much determined. | -One time, I asked my students to be the speaker of a certain symposium. Though they are prepared, still one of them did not manage to deliver her speech well. So, what I did, I asked other students who were also speakers to help their classmate to discuss the topic again. I stand with them till the end of their   talk. |
Teacher 2(Ms. Audree A. De Castro) | | | |
-should have knowledge according the strength and weaknesses of the students as well as their personalities-knowledge about the general information and current issues locally and globally | -skill in good communication-personal and professional skills   to share and to learn-should be computer literate | -appreciation to diversity of students, their personalities and learning capabilities-Should be symbol of tolerance but an active, reflective personalities who can do reflection in and on action-model of resourcefulness and creativity | -One of the challenges I had encountered in my 7 years of teaching in the elementary level was how I could make my students like mathematics. I managed the situation by always incorporating games and group activities. I taught math as if we’re just playing a game. When it comes to the subject matter and skills. I also did remedial teaching. More importantly, a math teacher should be patient and appreciative. |
Teacher 3(Ms. Julie Ann D. Mendoza) | | | |
-must have knowledge on his field of   specialization and its related matters | -should have skills to go beyond to the level of his students.-it’s not enough that he has mathematical   skill and   communication skills but also skills in classroom management | -patience-discipline-empathy | -I handed...


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