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The Main Aim Of The Project

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The main aim of the project is to design innovative online registration,which deals with the passport authority management. The motto of the projectis to simplify the job of the administrative people and to render a user-friendlypackage.The system provides information regarding the passportapplication and its status (enquiry). The tedious jobs such as verifying all therecords of the applicant, confirming that all the personal details are furnished,submission of emigration check documents,passing of police enquiry, positivereport from the previous applied section, etc., are done in the most convenientway to the administrator.Also security is being provided in the most proficient way. Allthe intermediate stages starting from receiving of the application form torevealing the passport number along with the dispatch of the passport are beingdealt.

Passport Automation System is an interface between the Applicant and theAuthority responsible for the Issue of Passport. It aims at improving the efficiency in the Issue of Passport and reduce the complexities involved in it to the maximum possible extent.
Purpose :-
If the entire process of 'Issue of Passport' is done in a manual manner then it wouldtake several months for the passport to reach the applicant. Considering the fact that the number of applicants for passport is increasing every year, an Automated System becomes essential to meet thedemand. So this system uses several programming and database techniques to elucidate the workinvolved in this process. As this is a matter of National Security, the system has been carefully verifiedand validated in order to satisfy it.
Scope :-
 The System provides an online interface to the user where they can fill in their personal details andsubmit the necessary documents .


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