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The Best at What They Do

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Mahmoud Darwish is one of the most famous palestinian poets.   Most of Darwish's poems are about the occupation and his persistence to free his land. He got arrested because of the resistance in his writings. Mahmoud Darwish said the best way for someone to achieve something is to try to be the best at what they do, and that refers to Palestinians as they try to free their land.Palestinian and Israeli conflict is different from any other conflict in history. Israel has united Nations' recognition as an independent state since 1947. Thus armed resistance isn't the only way to achieve freedom.
The dream of returning to the pre 1948 Palestine isn't easy to achieve by any means, however the first step towards that is establishing an independent country. A dentition of a country is land, people and government for all that we can not have one form of resistance, we need to establish out country, strengthen our economy, and educate people and reduce unemployment before we focus on armed resistance or negotiations with Israel.
  An engineer needs to perfect his work, same goes to an architect, doctors, bankers. If all of these do complete their tasks we can make one coherent society, with the help of a government that actually works for the best of the people we will be able to stand tall as a country, not as a torn political parties whose aims are power and money. A student should study hard to become an active successful member of the Palestinian society in the future, and whoever is destined to be a politician will surely be in the future.
The Palestinian history has had numerous of great thinkers and visionary, like Ghassan Kanafani and Mahmoud Darwish, authors and political activist who had a great impact on the Palestinian Israel conflict. We should follow such people and believe in their visions about Palestine. The Palestinian society now lacks people like them. That’s why if every Palestinian does what he does the absolute best way possible we would have people...


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