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Cloud Computing for Mobile World

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Cloud Computing for Mobile World
Chetan S., Gautam Kumar, K. Dinesh, Mathew K. and Abhimanyu M.A.
Department of Computer Science & Engineering National Institute of Technology, Calicut

Abstract—Cloud computing in mobile platforms has invoked a new wave of evolution in the rapidly developing mobile world. Although several striking research work has been conducted in the high computing counterparts of mobile technology, the field of cloud computing for mobile world is vastly unexplored. In this paper, we introduce the concept of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), it’s inner workings and the various implementable architectures related to MCC.

Cloud Computing and Section IV puts forth the advantages of Mobile Cloud Computing. Section V concludes the paper. II. H OW M OBILE C LOUD C OMPUTING WORKS ? A. Architecture for Mobile Applications in Cloud Environment We will look at a open source project for mobile cloud platform called openmobster [5]. Its architecture is as given in the Figure 1. B. Typical services needed by a mobile cloud client The most essential services include

I. I NTRODUCTION Cloud computing for mobile world or, rather, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is a well accepted concept that aims at using cloud computing techniques for storage and processing of data on mobile devices, thereby reducing their limitations. According to ABI Research [7], “By 2015, more than 240 million business customers will be leveraging cloud computing services through mobile devices, driving revenues of $5.2 billion”. While it must be noted that there were only 42.8 million Mobile Cloud Computing subscribers in 2008 [7]. This underlines the importance of cloud computing for mobile. The end mobile device user will eventually be the benefactor of the Mobile Cloud Computing. Company users can share resources and applications without a high level of capital expenditure on hardware and software resources. Nature of cloud applications also is advantageous for users since they do...
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