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Anna's a Hit and Miss

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Anna's: A Hit and Miss

If you travel east down Pembroke Avenue in Hampton, Virginia you will run into what seems to be a small, family owned and operated Italian restaurant that goes by the name of Anna's. Anna's is one of nine businesses that sit in the very right hand corner of the once busy strip mall. Although Anna's is rough and unappealing on the outside, the locals say they feel like family when they are on the inside. I decided to go with my family and discover why they say Anna's is so great, but I soon found that it was just another mediocre Italian restaurant.
Before walking in, I didn’t expect much due to the way the outside of the business presented itself. I was assuming that there would be a couple cheap tables here and there with the cliché of decoration many Italian restaurants tend to have. Boy was I wrong. I was shocked to find that Anna's was very clean and had a good variety of seating that could fit up to a party of twelve at one table. The aroma of freshly prepared pasta filled the dining area of the restaurant. The dim lighting and the low level of Italian music playing mixed with pictures of the Italian countryside really made me feel as if I was about to enjoy a cuisine in the heart of Italy. The walls were covered in a map of the country and the ceiling was painted a dark red that was almost maroon in color. The color combination made me feel very comfortable and calm. Without a doubt the eating environment Anna's portrays is nothing short of amazing.
Most Italian restaurants tend to have a hostess while Anna's does not. I felt lost when I walked in because seating was everywhere and I had no clue where to sit. My family and I stood at the entrance for a good five minutes until a waitress shouted out from the bar in a rude manner, "Sit wherever!" I really felt like a mindless individual as everyone in the restaurant took their eyes off their plates to see who the waitress was referring to. With everyone's eyes on us, we awkwardly...


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