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World's Most Pressing Issue in International Relations Today.

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Model UN essay:
By: Rida Akbar

‘What I perceive to be the most pressing topic in international relations today.’

The Model UN in Balochistan conference awakened me from my tiny bubble of self-centered life and enabled me to see the world in a broader perspective. I am of the opinion that the most pressing topic in international relations today is the conservation of human rights. It is the tool with which we can fight hunger, poverty, economical crisis, malnutrition and ultimately war. The true hopes for all people for happy, dignified and secure living conditions were raised with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) by the UNO in 1984 this declaration provided comprehensive protection to all individuals against all forms of injustice and human rights violation.

Human rights, as they are understood by the modern Western world, took almost exactly one century to develop. They are something we all share and are concerned with equality and fairness and that’s what makes it ‘universal’. I think human rights are about real-life issues like having clean water to drink and food to eat, being able to go to school or have a job and being treated fairly by others, regardless of your age, race, religion or where you were born. Human rights was basically established or founded after the World-War II in order to allow people to enjoy in each and every sphere of life. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights said it all. Consequently, it is of paramount importance that these rights are established to give a new turning point to the life of human beings

In my homeland, Pakistan, human rights recognize the freedom of every Pakistani to make choices about their lives and develop their potential as human beings. They are about living a life free from fear, harassment or discrimination. Best part being, human rights are the same for all the people everywhere –male and female, young and old, rich and poor, regardless of our background, where we live, what we think...
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