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Are We Living??

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04/18/2013 06:37 AM
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All of us are living..Are we?? While i write this, i know a lot of people who are employed with the best corporations in this world. Whenever i meet them, as a standard beginning I dare ask them..Howz work/job? and believe you me, these words are like “zakhmon pe namak”. You can find them cribbing about everything in this world.

Boss bekaar hai!!     Company bekaar hai!!     Growth nahi hai!!     Bahut Politics hai!!     Personal Life nahi hai!!     Systems kharaab hain!!     Policies nahi hai!!     aur agar ye sab theek hai to   Visibility nahi hai!!

My humble question to all those is that why don’t you do something about it? If we learn to live with these problems, then not only our decision is wrong, but also humne zindagi kaatni shuru kar di hai!!

The reality is that life will never be beautiful without problems rather it becomes beautiful when we start addressing those problems “HAPPILY“.

If we are consciously,deliberately not working to address the problems then we are unconsciously, unknowingly learning to live with them. If you want to live(jeena), then learn to deal with people problems, learn to deal with conflicts, make a conscious effort towards it. If its beyond your control, learn to fearlessly raise it and then follow it to the satisfactory conclusion. Don’t worry. The most successful people in life always nip problems in the bud. Unko saath leke chaloge to zindagi kaatna seekh jaoge.

ZIndagi ko jeena chahiye, kaatna nahi. Dare to follow your passion, your dreams and mind you they don’t come cheap. You have to be ready to face the consequences of your decisions. You will face a lot of problems on the way but if you’ve your heart into it. You will not only face but overcome those problems happily. You’ll be able to proudly quote yourself and most importantly, you will be yourself and not someone else.

In the end i would like to say:

“Bhagwaan ne agar inti achi ankhein dii hain, to hum kisi aur ki nazron se kyon dekhen.”

“Manzil to...
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